About Rosemount ATA

Rosemount ATA Staff

My name is Richard Schneider, and I founded the Rosemount ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate for Kids. This school was developed with the belief that a high quality martial arts program could be offered at an affordable price.

I understand kids and what parents want them to learn. I have over 20 years of experience teaching Sunday school, with 8 years of teaching 4 and 5 year olds, 6 years teaching junior high, and now over 4 years teaching high school ages. This teaching experience helps me blend my martial arts knowledge with teaching children, teenagers, and adults.

Like many schools, we have a talented staff of martial artists, but operating a professional karate school also takes business knowledge. In November 2004 I graduated from Northwestern College with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. In Northwestern's business program I learned the importance of providing value at a reasonable price. Unlike many Karate schools, I will not ask you for a large sum of money to begin your training program. We bill on a month to month basis, and our tuitions are among the lowest prices of all ATA schools in the metro area. I promise to provide value.

Rosemount ATA Staff

We provide competent instruction and plenty of it. You won't find a class with one instructor and 30 kids. We run between 2 and 5 instructors in most classes to ensure we maintain a good student-teacher ratio. We strive to see every student feel like somebody cares personally about their martial arts understanding and advancement.

If you and your children would like to train in a positive and encouraging environment, then I welcome you to enroll in the Rosemount ATA Black Belt Academy and Karate For Kids.

If you are an adult looking to improve your health, state of mind, and learn self defense, then you have found a meaningful way to do so, and I encourage you to come join our school.

Realize your aspirations. Your own Black Belt awaits you!